Approach to Education

At SABIS® International School - Ruwais, we consider the school as a dynamic production team. Administrators, teachers, and students are all contributors to this team. Knowledge and ideas are the product of the team effort. Since students are the ones who benefit most directly from the product, they should be most concerned that the product is of a high quality.

Everyone in a SABIS® Network school has a job to do; everyone is accountable. Administrators, students, and staff "self-audit" in order to discover and correct errors. It is teamwork that allows every team member to reach heights that would be more difficult to reach individually.

Educational System

The SABIS® Educational System is an educational approach that has been developed, refined, and tested for over a century to provide a truly international education that is geared towards the achievement of academic excellence.

With a balance of academics, self-development, and life preparation, the SABIS® Educational System prepares its students for success in college, fosters a lifelong interest in learning, and develops responsible world-class citizens. It blends quality education with traditional values of hard work and responsibility for oneself and others.

The SABIS® Educational System is distinguished by the philosophy upon which it is based, the goals that it sets, and the approach and methods that it employs to accomplish these goals. It provides a sound, thorough, and high standard of education.

Like other SABIS® Network schools, SABIS® International School - Ruwais  offers courses leading to a wide range of external examinations that include the U.S. Advanced Placement® (AP®) exams, the SAT & TOEFL exams, and the British IGCSE & AS/A Level exams. The school also offers courses that prepare students to earn a high school diploma.


The curriculum implemented at SABIS® International School - Ruwais  is specifically designed by SABIS® to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop a solid academic foundation. This foundation will help students achieve their full potential and develop a love of lifelong learning.

Class Teaching

All courses for students at all levels are clearly structured to enable students and teachers to know precisely what should be learned. Teachers teach one concept at a time using the SABIS Point System® with each lesson alternating frequently between oral work, individual work, and group work in such a way that it is difficult for students to “switch off.”

Students engage in regular assessment using exams that teachers do not see in advance. Everyone in the school is accountable. Accordingly, students learn more in class and have more time for relaxation and fun after school.

Student Follow-Up

Students who fall behind in their work are advised, motivated, helped, and coached until they catch up. Additional assistance is given to students during their break or after school hours. Students are also encouraged to manage their time accordingly.

Learning Process

All courses at SABIS® International School - Ruwais are structured. A system of academic tracking - the SABIS® AMS, a computerized method of detecting gaps in knowledge - allows the administration to closely follow the progress of each individual. Gaps are pinpointed as soon as they form, and efforts are focused on eliminating them. Valuable time is saved and a gap-free, cohesive structure of knowledge is built in students' minds.


The SABIS Student Life Organization (SLO), a distinctive and integral part of the SABIS® Educational System, provides students with countless opportunities to develop important life skills that empower them to make a difference.

The SLO is the students’ mini society. All students are encouraged to join the SLO as well as take an active part and contribute to the academic and non-academic aspects of their education.

By working in cooperation with, and complementing the efforts of, the administrative and academic staff, students improve the overall school life and add more value to themselves.

The SLO develops outstanding students who are academically well rounded, morally sound, mentally sharp, and socially aware.