• During the years I spent with the Ruwais Private School, I learnt so many things that helped me with life after high school. 

    I personally thought the AMS/Homework exams were a little too much, until my university years. They taught me how to stay in pace with my course materials and discipline myself on how to study. 

    I really liked how the school tutored me on writing English compositions; without this instruction, writing essays at a university level would not have been so easy. 

    Furthermore, the SABIS® system is the only system I am aware of where students have the most involvement and make a significant contribution to the school. Being a part of the Student Life Organization® (SLO) had a huge impact on me: it trained me not only in leadership skills, but also showed me the importance of following rules and instructions.

    Overall, Ruwais Private School helped me prepare academically, and guided me on how to deal with the real world.

    Arvin Aguilon - Student

  • I seriously have no idea about what to say about how much this school helped me in following my dreams and reaching my goals. 

    No matter what I do in return to show SABIS® how much I am grateful for every single thing it did for me, I would never be able to show my full appreciation.

    This school was my home and it raised me in the best way possible. It made me ready for everything in life, including things that none of us graduates would have thought about. 

    Most of all, it taught me how to face difficulties and stay strong. 

    Thank you, Ruwais Private School.

    Bashaer Al Hilali - Student

  • Dear Mr. Harake,
    I am a student at Ruwais Private School. It has been a privilege and honor to study at this amazing top quality school. This school is one of the best if not the best school in the world. I have spent 10 years of my life in this school and I can’t think of any other school that provides students with the best education and learning experience like Choueifat does. This school will prepare students and pupils for success in college, equip them with the desire and will for lifelong learning. The Ruwais Private School will be recognized as a provider of top-quality education to a highly diverse student body.
    Ahmad ElSetouhi
    Student in Grade 9
    Ahmad Al Setouhi - Current student
    Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Ruwais Private School

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