Virtual Orientation for New Students


On Saturday, 12 September 2020, the Student Life Organization leadership team of Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefects ran the first-ever virtual orientation sessions for new students in grades 3 and above. One session was held for new students in grades 3 and 4 and another one was held for new students in grades 5 to 11.

The aim of the virtual orientation sessions was to first and foremost welcome all the new students to our SABIS® family, familiarize them with the SABIS® System, get them acquainted with the different types of exams that our system offers, explain to them the school rules and introduce the SABIS® Student Life Organization to them.

In addition, the prefects went over the safety procedures put in place during the current academic year to ensure that everyone stays protected and safe.        


 Moreover, the prefects introduced the new students to the optimized learning techniques that will be used in the upcoming academic year such as the ILS (Integrated Learning System), the Web-Enhanced Exams and Online Quizzes as well as the E-books and the Online tutoring offered to improve academic results.


We look forward to working with all the new students and making sure that they integrate with our system smoothly and in a short time. The Student Life Organization with all its departments is always ready to provide support and guidance to both new and existing student as well as the entire school community.